About Me

Hello, I'm Della Ruth Rose, welcome to my site.

I am the owner/operator of Della Ruth Vintage, a chronic student, and an avid crafter.

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Cinemagraph 2

Another cinemagraph I made this evening, this time of our 1974 Volkswagen Beetle.

Photoshop Animated GIF

Today I played around with some of the animation features in Photoshop, continuing on my journey of learning. Inspired by cinemagraphs, which often feature moving wisps of hair, I chose to animate my friend Jerm’s flowing mane.

Animal Friends

Today I helped out two animal friends: a baby robin and a snapping turtle.

As I was leaving this morning, Mama Cat had her eye on a baby robin in the drive way. I picked it up and put it in a garbage pail and took it with me to Toronto because I had two important appointments I couldn’t miss. I stopped on the way and picked up some worms and fed it throughout the day.

When I came home I put it back on the ground near some trees in the front yard, as fledgling robins are fed on the ground by their parents until they learn to fly. I kept an eye on it for about an hour and no birds came to feed it, so I went inside in case I was scaring them away. (The idea that birds will reject their young if they’ve been handled by humans is a myth.)

When I went back outside to check on it, Little Kitty had the poor baby in his mouth. Luckily it was uninjured, but I figured the best thing to do was bring it inside and feed it until it learns to fly. Hopefully sooner rather later, as I’m not too fond of the thought of 7am feedings, but I picked up two more cans of worms for the mean time.

As I was driving down my street on the way home from Toronto, I noticed a turtle in the middle of the road. A very grumpy, stinky snapping turtle. I put him in the reeds at the edge of the river.