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Christmas in Utah

I had the distinct pleasure of spending this past Christmas with my friend Lindzee and her family at their home in Cache Valley, Utah. It was my first visit to Utah and I hope to return one day soon. The dramatic landscapes, sun, snow, and friendly people made it a great place to spend my holiday.

Lindzee and I met at summer camp in Pennsylvania this summer. We were both working in the camp office as secretaries and became fast friends. One day the topic of Christmas came up, and how much I love it. I mentioned how my family doesn’t really celebrate much anymore and so Lindzee invited me to come to Utah and celebrate with her family. I decided to save my earnings from camp so that I could make the trip come December.

Getting away for Christmas made all the difference this year. I didn’t feel sad about the way my family approaches Christmas because I was out there making my own. Making new memories and learning about the culture and traditions of Lindzee’s families.

Coming off of a terribly stressful semester, the trip was exactly what I needed to reset and revisit what I am all about: experiential learning vs classroom learning. Many Canadians think that the US is very similar to Canada, without examining the culture differences on a large scale, or the regional differences we have in both countries. Personally, I am more interested in the differences (however minute they may be) rather than the similarities. This attitude makes every trip interesting, whether it’s to a small ontario town, or abroad.

This trip was particularily special because I did not feel so much as a tourist but as a welcome and valued guest of the Hahne household. From my first moments there Lindzee’s family welcomed me with literally open arms and made me feel completely at home – no small feat for an athiest sporting peircings, tattoos, and purple hair, entering a devoutly religious Latter Day Saints household. This trip provided necessary respite for a tired soul, more so then I had ever expected.

I’ll post an overview of our trip with photos as a follow up soon.

Facebook Profiles are Useful Tools for Employment Selection, Study Shows

Potential employers are judging you based on your Facebook profile, but are their judgements based on what they find accurate? All signs point to yes according to a recent study.

More and more employers are turning to the information available on social networking websites (SNWs) like Facebook to screen job applicants but little is known about whether the information found on these websites is useful for selection. Can social networking websites be used to select the best applicants? One pair of researchers from the southern United States aimed to find out: Donald Kluemper of Louisiana State University and Peter Rosen of the University of Evansville published a ground-breaking study in 2009 about the usefulness of social networking profiles in selection for employment.

In their study, which is the first of its kind, Kluemper and Rosen asked 63 judges to rate 6 real Facebook profiles (3 female and 3 male Facebook users) on measures of personality, intelligence, and global performance – three factors that are related to work performance. The study took place at a large southern university and employed undergraduate business students as judges and ratees.

Personality was assessed according to the Big 5 model of personality traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Judges were asked to rate the subjects on adjectives relating to these personality traits using the information contained within their profiles. The judges were also asked to estimate the subjects IQ and GPA as measures of intelligence and global performance, respectively. The researchers also measured the judges’ IQ and personality to establish the effects of these traits on their judgements.

The researchers determined that the judges were generally able to accurately distinguish high scorers versus low scorers on the measures of IQ, GPA, and personality using only the information contained within the profiles. Additionally, it was found that judges who are more intelligent and emotionally stable are more accurate than their counterparts.
Although their findings seem promising for potential employers who wish to tap into the wealth of information available on social networking websites Kluemper and Rosen offer a word of caution: the use of SNWs in employment selection may not be legal. Because these sites often contain personal information that is not allowed to be used in hiring decisions according to equal employment opportunity law, using them as a selection tool raises ethical and legal implications that need to be considered.

Kluemper and Rosen have provided a jumping-off point with their pioneering study in this subject area. Ultimately more research is needed surrounding the use of SNWs in selection. Further information will surely be useful for employers and job-seekers alike as the selection process shifts to incorporate more and more information found online.

The article:
Kluemper, D. H., & Rosen, P. A. (2009). Future employment selection methods: evaluating social networking websites. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 24(6), 567-580.

Author’s note: This work was submitted as a press release assignment for PSYC*3070 Psychology in Human Resource Management at the University of Guelph, as instructed by Professor Deborah Powell, Fall 2012.

LaCoupe 14 Day Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment Review

A few weeks ago I tried LaCoupe’s Orgnx 14 Day Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment and I was sorrily disappointed. I believe this product is exclusive to Shopper’s Drug Mart. This product promises smoother, silkier, straighter, and more manageable hair for up to 14 days but it did not deliver.

My first issue with this product is the application. First you wash your hair with the shampoo included – no problem. Then you towel dry and apply the product generously through your hair. The creamy product is similar to conditioner. Once applied, you then blow out your hair and straighten it with a flat-iron  several times on extremely high heat. Then you must wait 48 hours before you wash it out, performing touch up flat-ironings as needed.

Imagine loading up your hair with conditioner and then walking around with it in your hair for two days. It starts off looking greasy and gross, and just gets stickier and nastier as time goes on. Also, the product may cause skin irritation – they recommend wearing gloves while applying it – but then you have to sleep with it in your hair, and you can’t tie your hair back or it will cause a kink.

Not opposed to complicated and uncomfortable beauty rituals, I thought it would all be worth it if this product really did work. My hair is naturally medium thick, curly/wavy, and dry, and I have always longed for straight, smooth locks. Unfortunately, this product provided the opposite of what it promised: it made my hair drier, damaged and rough. With the extra damage, my hair is even less manageable now that the weather is hot and humid. My curls don’t form as well and my split-ends and fly-aways are out of control, despite frequent Morrocan Oil treatments. All in all, I would only recommend this product to someone I want to see suffer, if I were the sadistic type.