LaCoupe 14 Day Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment Review

A few weeks ago I tried LaCoupe’s Orgnx 14 Day Brazilian Keratin Smoothing Treatment and I was sorrily disappointed. I believe this product is exclusive to Shopper’s Drug Mart. This product promises smoother, silkier, straighter, and more manageable hair for up to 14 days but it did not deliver.

My first issue with this product is the application. First you wash your hair with the shampoo included – no problem. Then you towel dry and apply the product generously through your hair. The creamy product is similar to conditioner. Once applied, you then blow out your hair and straighten it with a flat-ironĀ  several times on extremely high heat. Then you must wait 48 hours before you wash it out, performing touch up flat-ironings as needed.

Imagine loading up your hair with conditioner and then walking around with it in your hair for two days. It starts off looking greasy and gross, and just gets stickier and nastier as time goes on. Also, the product may cause skin irritation – they recommend wearing gloves while applying it – but then you have to sleep with it in your hair, and you can’t tie your hair back or it will cause a kink.

Not opposed to complicated and uncomfortable beauty rituals, I thought it would all be worth it if this product really did work. My hair is naturally medium thick, curly/wavy, and dry, and I have always longed for straight, smooth locks. Unfortunately, this product provided the opposite of what it promised: it made my hair drier, damaged and rough. With the extra damage, my hair is even less manageable now that the weather is hot and humid. My curls don’t form as well and my split-ends and fly-aways are out of control, despite frequent Morrocan Oil treatments. All in all, I would only recommend this product to someone I want to see suffer, if I were the sadistic type.

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