Christmas in Utah: The Full Story (Part 1)

Following up on my previous post, I would like to revisit my trip to Utah over Christmas and provide a more in-depth overview of all the fun I got up to.

As soon as I entered the baggage claim area at the Salt Lake City airport I felt extremely welcomed as Lindzee and her friend Zach were waiting for me with a “Welcome to Utah” sign and a video camera to record our reunion. I have always wanted to be welcomed in such a way at an airport so I was so happy that Lindzee and Zach made that wish come true.

On the way home from the airport we stopped at In-n-Out Burger. I have often heard about it but I had never tried it before. I was impressed with how proper and professional the employees were and with the old fashioned style of the restaurant.

Upon arriving to Lindzee’s home I was warmly welcomed with a hug by her mom Jan, which made me feel instantly welcomed and at home, a feeling which was maintained throughout my 10-day stay.

The following day, Monday, I got to experience Family Home Evening with Lindzee’s family, which is an LDS tradition where the family comes together to plan their week, read from the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and discuss lessons. To conclude Family Home Evening, we gathered in the living room and sang “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” while Lindzee accompanied us on piano. Admittedly, I was shy about it since I have a terrible singing voice, and I hadn’t sung a carol since elementary school, but I gladly took part.

Me & Lindzee @ The Beav

Our first real ‘activity’ of the trip was snowboarding. I borrowed Lindzee’s sister’s board, rented some boots, and hit the slopes of Beaver Mountain. Luckily Lindzee was very patient and a great teacher since I started the day off terrified and inexperienced. It was a gorgeous sunny day with fresh powder (their license plates read: “The Greatest Snow on Earth”, the Ski Utah motto) so I had a blast despite falling several times.

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