About Me

Hello, I'm Della Ruth Rose, welcome to my site.

I am the owner/operator of Della Ruth Vintage, a chronic student, and an avid crafter.

For more information about me please see my biography or get in touch.



Animal Friends

Today I helped out two animal friends: a baby robin and a snapping turtle.

As I was leaving this morning, Mama Cat had her eye on a baby robin in the drive way. I picked it up and put it in a garbage pail and took it with me to Toronto because I had two [...]

Photoshop Composite: Persistence of Hope

Continuing in my venture to learn Photoshop, I spent yesterday working on a composite image inspired by a dream I had the night before. In my dream I was on a celestial body other than Earth, traversing a cold, rocky, barren landscape on foot. As I mounted a crest, I came upon a crater filled [...]

Learning Photoshop

I have long wanted to learn to use Photoshop. My uncle gave me a copy of it back in 2007, and suggested that I learn by doing. He is a self-taught digital artist, as well as a trained analog artist and sculptor. I played around with it a bit back then, but I found it [...]